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We have now found a new meeting venue at the Gilliat Hall (see below) and are pleased to announce that our next meeting will be at this venue on Tuesday 28th September.



Meeting Dates, Times & Venues

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Upcoming Meetings Dates:

28th September 2021. Do please put it in your diary - this is going to be a celebration!

Events for the Year

Bullet Journal


An event entitled Full of Life took place on Wednesday the 2nd October 2019.  The day featured organizations giving advice on Independent living plus a guest speaker. Click here for the full press release or go to The Gallery to view photos of the event.


Venue for our Meetings

Gilliat Hall
28 Marlborough Street
Andover SP10 1DQ

It is wheelchair accessible, and whilst there is some parking on site, there is additional parking nearby.  There is also a kitchen so we can look forward to preparing our own refreshments.  Many of you may know it as the Scout Hall.