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Posted July 2021

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Posted June 2021

AOPF recently became aware that GPs in England will be required to transfer patient data to NHS Digital on 1st July 2021.  The only information available is a page on their website.  It is therefore of concern that the majority of people may not be aware that this is what is planned, particularly as many of our members do not have computers and are not on-line.

These are the important points to understand:

  • Patient records will be pseudonymous rather than anonymous.  This means that a patient can be identified by reversing the process.  The data being transferred is sensitive and could feasibly be accessed to other parties, some of whom may use it for financial gain.

  • There is an opt-out facility, but this too is on-line and the date by which patients must opt-out is 23rd June 2021.

  • Patient choice is key, and the exclusion of those not on-line should be challenged.


Many professional bodies have strong reservations as there has been no transparency, insufficient time given for consultation or consideration and a legal challenge may ensue.  

However at this time if you do not want your GP to pass your personal medical data to NHS Digital you have only until 23rd June 2021 (this date may change).  The Opt-Out form instructing your GP not to let your data be downloaded is HERE for you to download, complete and mail to your family GP.  You can read more HERE.

Please click here HERE to download a pdf document to complete and forward to your GP

Hampshire County Council has lifted time restrictions on use of concessionary travel cards so older and disabled people can get to supermarkets when they are given priority access.

Lack of focus on elderly housing could cost billions

Lord Best, Chair of the Parliamentary Group on Housing and Care for Older People, warns a lack of political action is opening the UK to an unforeseen crisis.

In an interview with the Elder Magazine, the cross-bench peer opened up on how the lack of focus on elderly housing could cost the UK billions if not addressed. It comes as social care policy has become a key policy battleground in the race for Number Ten. Click HERE to read the article.

After MPs voted through 'The Early Parliamentary General Election Bill', this was submitted to all political parties before the last election and the content remains the NPC position.

NPC Manifesto

Healthwatch and Public Involvement Association


Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS)


The NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) has launched today (29th October), marking a significant moment for community pharmacy.

This new service enables NHS 111 to refer patients to community pharmacies when they have a minor illness or need an ’emergency supply’ of a medicine that they have previously been prescribed. The aim is to help relieve pressure on the wider NHS and speed up patient access to treatment by making use of pharmacists’ core knowledge and skills.

The service is a key component of the five-year Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) settlement which came fully into effect this month.

Whilst referrals are currently only available via NHS 111, referrals from other settings, such as GP practices, are being piloted and are expected to be rolled out in the near future.


NB --- not all pharmacies are signed up to this yet.

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Primary Care Networks (PCNs) in Hampshire


PCNs are part of a nationwide NHS scheme aimed at bringing health and social care closer to people's homes and tailoring GP surgery services to meet the needs of local people.

A PCN consists of groups of doctors' surgeries working together with a range of other local organisations, including local authorities, community services, social care and the voluntary sector, to offer more personalised health and social care to their local communities.

PCNs are normally based in a community serving a population of around 30 - 50,000 people. There are 13 PCNs in the NHS West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) area.

Working more closely together, GPs will be able to strengthen their resilience, provide enhanced services to their patients and share experience, knowledge and skills. The network will help to reduce inequalities and enable practices and other health care providers to work collaboratively and ensure the most cost effective use of resources.

Patients have an opportunity to shape local health care services.

To get involved patients should join their GP Patient Participation Group; you can do this on line via your practice website or speak to the practice receptionist or member of the practice team. If you require any further information please contact

BBC Panorama programme on social care;  ‘Crisis in Care – who cares?’

Somerset council allowed the BBC’s cameras into their area to show the devastating impact of years of budget cuts and the extent to which balancing their books impacts the daily lives of the most vulnerable older people in our society.

The huge strains on services affects people like Rachel and her mum who lives with dementia. Featured as a story in the programme, Rachel relied on a local day centre for support but in the last round of cuts they didn’t get a decent replacement and now they struggle without vital respite. Families are having to fight tooth and nail to get what they are entitled to.

The prospect of the promised social care green paper ever being delivered is looking more and more unlikely as time goes by. For over two years now we’ve been promised action and seen nothing to back that up.

We have an ageing population and it is time to get real. More and more of us will need support when we grow older. It is time the Government and our next Prime Minister, tackled this problem head on.

More details regarding NHS staffing shortages....